A premium clothing care service that offers assistance for all types of garments

ensuring that your clothes are handled with the utmost care

AZAR dry cleaning services provide the expertise and convenience you need. Our service is an essential resource for those seeking top-quality clothing care services and exceptional customer service.

We provide both the cleaning solution and transportation to and from your home, office, hotel or any location as per request.

We provide both the cleaning solution and transportation to and from your home, office, hotel or any location as per request.

Keep your clothes in quality shape with


For your everyday clothes, athletic attire, or work uniforms cleaned and refreshed, our team ensures high-quality care and attention to detail. Removing stains, odours, and dirt while preserving the fabric's integrity. With our prompt and reliable service, you can trust AZAR to deliver fresh, clean, and well-maintained garments.


From casual sneakers to formal dress shoes. We employ gentle yet effective cleaning techniques and premium products to remove dirt, stains, and odours while preserving the quality and condition of your shoes. Whether you need a deep cleaning, stain removal, or general maintenance, our dedicated team will give your shoes the attention they deserve.

Special attires

Experience the highest level of care and quality with AZAR taking care of your special attires such as tuxedos, ball gowns, and cultural attires. We understand the significance and delicacy of these garments, and our skilled team ensures that they receive the utmost attention and care they deserve.


In handling your linen items with the utmost care, we ensure they are cleaned, refreshed, and maintained to the highest standards. From bed linens, towels, couch coverings and tablecloths, our team deliver crisp, cool, and clean results


We understand the importance of preserving the vibrancy and intricate details of theatrical costumes, cosplay outfits, and special event ensembles. Our team is experienced in handling delicate fabrics and unique cleaning requirements, ensuring that your costumes are impeccably cleaned and maintained with meticulous care.


AZAR handles the careful cleaning and maintenance of your curtains, utilizing specialized techniques and premium detergents to effectively remove dirt, dust, and stains while preserving the fabric's colour and texture. We understand the importance of curtains in enhancing the aesthetics of your space, and we take utmost care to deliver satisfactory results.

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